About Us

Randomix was established in 2019 as a subsidiary of Redworth Capital Group. Its purpose is to extend the group’s activities into the media world. Randomix Productions is the branch of Randomix that is due to specialize in visual content: film and television production. In this new age of streaming, content can be shared to a wider audience than ever before. It allows people everywhere to communicate in a new way, share thoughts, express feelings, and connect hearts. The idea and vision leading Randomix is to create meaningful, thought provoking, and exciting content, with uncompromising quality, that will bring new meaning and light to the lives of people everywhere.

Randomix was founded by Ran Namerode, an entrepreneur and business executive, best known for making profitable enterprises out of distressed companies. He is a CEO and owner of Redworth Capital Group, which operates in the fields of medical devices, real-estate, and high-tech.

  • After years in the corporate world, Mr. Namerode decided to take a leap of faith and follow one of his greatest passions - storytelling. Randomix is an opportunity to fulfill this lifelong dream and share this passion with the world. For this reason, each of Randomix projects is carefully selected and masterfully brought to life (just like any true dream should).  

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  • President of Redworth Development and Randomix. Angelia has an extensive international management experience having served in the past as the president of KNR Real Estate and president and chief editor of the Belgrade New Times magazine. Prior to her current positions in Redworth Capital Group, Angelia held other positions in the Group - as General Manager of Charter Kontron LTD in the UK,...

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